Their Story is an award-winning, multimedia platform based in Westminster and the surrounding area. We produce, research, film and edit documentaries and short films that capture life in the local area. Our mantra is that 'stories are everywhere' and we believe that our community is rich with incredible residents whose stories and experiences have the ability to unite people. We work mostly for local charities and governments and run and fund a training programme for young filmmakers who don't have access to equipment, skills training or a way to finance their film.

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Ellie O’Donnell is a freelance journalist with extensive experience in documentary filmmaking, news and radio. She spent the last two years working on BBC’s flagship regional current affairs programme Inside Out telling stories most important to the capital. 

She has a BA in English & American Studies and won a national scholarship to study for her MA in Investigative Journalism at City University.

Ellie developed her interest in discovering stories from citizens globally whilst living and working in different cities such as Nottingham and Toronto. However, Ellie has always felt a deep connection to her area in North West London. After leaving the BBC in early 2020, Ellie decided to manifest her passion for local, community storytelling and co-founded Their Story with her childhood friend, Isotta. 


Ellie is keen to spotlight local news stories from communities and drive story ownership back into the hands of local residents. 



Isotta Reichenbach is a freelance artist and writer with experience in advertising, local government, teaching and prison reform. She has a foundation degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, a BA in English Literature and recently completed a post-graduate degree in Societal Reform & Innovation. 

Isotta has always tried to apply her skills to projects that have a positive impact on society and has extensive experience volunteering in the third sector as a graphic designer, strategist, technical advisor and teacher. She was the recipient of the 2016 American Society of Plant Biology's BLOOME grant for the series of educational children's comics she illustrated and co-wrote.

Isotta began to develop the early stages of Their Story at the end of her post-graduate degree, finding it to be a successful way of uniting people from different walks of life all over London. She has been volunteering in her local area in West London for several years and is keen to facilitate the telling of stories from the local community.