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'Our Story' Film Fund launches 

Their Story launches fund and skills training programme for aspiring young filmmakers in W/ NW London

By Ellie O'Donnell


Their Story is pleased to announce our inaugural 'Our Story' Film Fund 2021. The fund will support four 'Our Story' Fellows in the making of short films based in or around North West/West London. The fellows will receive £150 in financial support and will be offered kit and technical assistance in shooting and editing.

Asking for advice from industry experts about getting into documentaries normally follows with something along the lines of: ‘get some experience’ or ‘just get out there and film something’. But we know sometimes it isn’t as simple as that. Unpaid work, long hours and financial constraints has meant that the industry has missed out on lots of talent simply because unpaid work and the costs incurred in producing your own film just isn’t financially viable for some of us. We have (and still do!) experience these difficulties which often mean only those with money stand a chance of ‘making it’.

Sharing any knowledge or success we gain on our journey with our community is key to our mission. We believe that skills and knowledge have been gatekept for too long behind expensive ‘skills’ courses, unpaid work experience or knowing the ‘right’ people. This is why with the funding we were awarded by Paddington Development Trust Craig McDonald Award we are going to support other aspiring documentary filmmakers to make films about the area. The finished result will be a short film which we will share on our Their Story website and socials. Their Story will help along the way offering kit supplies, advice, support and a listening ear along the filmmakers’ creative journey. (We are also currently in talks to organise a summer film festival where the works will be shown on the big screen! 🤞) 

We hope this will help a little in making young filmmakers’ dream careers a reality as well as give them hands-on/real time experience in the unpredictable world of documentary filmmaking.  

We want to support in any way we can so if you want to get in touch (even for just a chat!) we are very happy to talk.
If you’re interested in knowing more about the grant or about Their Story please contact